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Main Burner Orifice (Premier)

Main Burner Orifice (Premier)


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Gas Type

The Premier Series Main Burner Orifice

If you are converting your grill from one gas type to another, you will need to replace every orifice on the grill to the correct gas type. Each burner has an orifice. If your grill has a back burner, you will need to replace that orifice too, Click here for Back Burner Orifice

  • Part Number: RJC082N or RJC082P
  • Natural Gas Orifice Size: 1.60
  • Propane Gas Orifice Size: 1.05
  • Brass


  • RJC26A - 3 Required
  • RJC32A / RJC32AL - 4 Required
  • RJC40A / RJC40AL - 5 Required
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