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RCS Gas Grills

Stainless Burner - Cutlass Series

Stainless Burner - Cutlass Series


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Stainless Steel U-Burner for Cutlass Series Grills

  • Part Number: RON023
  • Stainless Steel
  • Size: 13" Long with bracket X 5-5/8" wide
  • Fits: RON27/RON27A (2 Required)
  • Fits: RON36/RON36A (3 Required)

Older RCS cutlass series burners were smaller in size. This burner is a little bit long than the older model and the back bracket will need to be bend upward to get the burner to rest on the back burner bracket. If your RON27 or RON36 grill has a push button igniter that uses a battery, these burners will not fit your model grill perfectly. These will only fit the RON27 & RON36 that use push to light igniters where you rotate the control knob counter-clockwise to spark the gas.

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